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Photo Group Session at GDLN Udayana University

The event was held on 29th March 2016 with a theme The Review of the Seven Years Activities on the Joint Graduate School Program by Satellite Remote-Sensing and foreseeing in the Future. The event was a collaboration event between CReSOS Udayana University and Yamaguchi University. Although the event was conducted in a separated location using teleconference system between Yamaguchi University Japan and GDLN Udayana University Indonesia, the event was successfully. The main activities in this meeting was a review about what collaboration that already done for 7 years, research presentation from double degree student who continue their Ph.D. in Yamaguchi University, and the future plan related to a new collaboration in joint degree for Ph.D. level.

Prof. Fusanori Miura (Vice President) and Prof. Tanaka (Director of CReSOS) spoke as the representative from Yamaguchi University. As the representative from Udayana University, it was attended by Prof. Ketut Suastika, Sp.PD.KEMD (Rector), Prof. Dr. Suastra (Vice-Rector IV), Prof. Dr. I Wayan Budiarsa Suyasa, MS. (Head of Master Program), AA Raka Sudewi, Sp.S(K) (Director of Master Program). An important person also came from Japan Consulate which is Mr. Yasue Katsunobu and Dr. AB Susanto from SEAMEO-SEAMOLEC Ministry of Education and Culture, an alumnus and current student both International student and local student also.

On that day is the first introduction to the website CReSOS in Indonesian Ocean Achieve This “Indonesian Ocean Archive (IOA)” website provides an ocean observed results with the research targets are detecting EL-Nino/La-Nina signals, mechanisms of long time/scale phenomena, Indian Ocean Dipole Moment, Upwelling along the Java coast and Indonesian Through Flow (ITF) (http://www.cc.yamaguchi-u.ac.jp/ioa/). The others research presentation come from the double degree student about Application of GPS and InSAR, Movement of Water Mass or Marine Debris in Inner Ocean, High-resolution River Bathymetry Using UAV–based Photogrammetry, and Application of Remote Sensing for Fishery and Application of remote Sensing for Disaster. We have strongly believed that in future we could build the strong relation bound between 2 universities.