It gives me great pleasure as the director of the Center for Remote Sensing and Ocean Sciences to extend to you all a very warm welcome on behalf of the organization and research communities to our recently developed web page.

The main task of the Centre is utilizing satellite remote sensing technology for providing a variety of data which are useful for climate forecasting, ocean phenomenon monitoring and exploration, coastal area observation, and others. The data analysis and interpretation are supported by marine and coastal surface observation devices and laboratories, as well as underwater acoustic instruments. Several research institutions are involved in this Centre reflected by the scientists from the various field of disciplines in marine science and technology.

The Centre provides better environment and facilities suitable for training of remote sensing manpower in order to increase the capability to do research, instruments operation, data analysis, and interpretation of satellite image. The Centre also enhance and strengthening the graduate program in the field of environmental sciences as well as marine science at Udayana University and other universities in Indonesia. In order to support the dissemination of marine information, the processing results of satellite remote sensing data will be formed in an information package which is easily understood. That marine information will be disseminated to marine society to be used properly in their business activities.

The Director of CReSOS

Prof. Dr. Tasuku Tanaka